Twerkin. A feat I have yet to actually master, no matter how much I practice my pelvic thrusting. So will I actually be twerkin while traveling? Yes, but not well.

I’m a third-year at EMU and an exchange student for the semester at NUIM in Ireland. This blog will be a place in which I share slightly altered stories and make up fake friends so my Mom doesn’t worry about me while I am abroad. People sometimes call me Savannah Rives, but most know me asĀ Savizzle, inventor of dance moves such as, the one arm chicken, my roommate is having a seizure, and the infamous WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HANDS?!? move which started a social movement of expressionism in Ibiza during the early 2000s.

In my free time I like counting the split ends on my head and trying to lick my elbow. I’m also a big believer in hedgehogs. They do exist.